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Vapor 2X Pro Skate Jr D

Key Upgrades: DYNAFLEX SYSTEM, Asymmetrical toe cap, Integrated injected facing, Recoil PRO tongue Quarter Package: 3-D lasted Carbon Curv® Composite Quarter with X-rib pattern and Comfort Edge padding Lining Material: LOCK-FIT PRO liner with Embossed Details Ankle Padding: Aero Foam PRO memory Foam Tongue Recoil: PRO Tongue - Moulded Felt tongue with Dual injected metatarsal guard Footbed: Dynamic Flex Footbed Thermoformable: Anafform upper Outsole: Vented Composite Blade holder: TUUK LIGHTSPEED EDGE Runner: TUUK LS5 carbon coated stainless steel

450,00 (Close out)