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Vapor Hyperlite Skate Int Fit 3 (4-6.5)

Accelerate Faster The Hyperflex Facing has integrated flex zones built into the top 4 eyelets to increase the wrap and the forward flex simultaneously for greater side-to-side stability. Maximize your energy transfer The Hyperflex Outsole is constructed with a rigid composite material on the front and a poured flexible material in the back, letting you maximize energy transfer while accelerating and maintain grip while turning. Weight reduction and comfort Aerolite, now added to the tongue, is a unique foam material that helps create a lighter skate, while maintaining the right amount of support, comfort, protection and flexibility. Choose your steel performance. Gain an edge by customizing your blade performance. Choose Carbonlite (our Premium Steel) for a lightweight and responsive skate. Choose Pulse TI for enhanced edge retention. Or choose Pulse for Premium Glide.