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Vapor X 3.5 Roller Skate Int R (4-6.5)




The Bauer Vapor X3.5 Inline Hockey Skates Intermediate is a skate with a flexible boot that’s forgiving and comfortable. For the player looking to break into the game and simply have fun. The X3.5 features a robust 3D Poly Carb construction to help ensure a longer lifespan of the skate. These skates boast great out of the box comfort thanks to the memory foam padding, which can also be heat moulded for a custom fit to help reduce break in time.


EAN Stock Delivery
4 688698512632 2
4.5 688698512649 2
5 688698512656 4
5.5 688698512663 2
6 688698512670 5
6.5 688698512687 5